King Congregation

king congregation, the other sound 2010

A South American twist on Frank Zappa’s earlier moments as can only be found in the ghettos of Atlanta, King Congregation’s music can be described as a danceable and exhilarating mix of weird, grungy R&B avant-garde, lewd, greasy romance-pop and high-risk rock & soul, with a clever bent on lyrical satire and social commentary, en Chicano rap. Dynamic, barrel-like drumming styles grooving against meandering, plunky electric bass lines. Jumpy, delicious counter-melodies and breezy harmonic texture from the organ and electric piano flow with soaring Martian surf-blues guitar leads. From quick and jerky contrapuntal arrangements to heavy, thick droning dirges, boring and repeated figures, creepy I-IV-V love songs, rondo divertimentos, the canzone, all of it just steeped in some mild garage psychedelic. The multiform sound of King Congregation’s sound comes from the prodigious brain of Ben Lawless and friends.

Check out King Congregation’s music on MySpace.

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