Wes Ables

Wes Ables is one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets. Often accompanied by a full band, but with the ability to hold it down all by himself and seemingly most at home strumming an acoustic and belting it out on a front porch, he effortlessly tells stories with an honest, homegrown, small town flavor.  The nonchalant yet humble Ables drips with charisma while his Jeff Tweedy-esque vocal delivery lifts him a step up from your average singer-songwriter.

Check out his website or Wes Ables on MySpace.

Hawkeye Pierce

hawkeye pierce, other sound 2010

Hawkeye Pierce are wandering blues-men traversing the endless expanse of Americana. They play “heart-wrenching indie rock,” twangy and soulful. Singer Lefty Parsons is said to possess “a pretty voice that makes you want to do bad things “. Drummer Russell Simmons brings his experience and expertise to this stew of country, rock, rhythm & blues.

Check out Hawkeye Pierce on Facebook.

Walk from the Gallows

other sound 2010, walk from the gallows

An aggressive and celebratory mixture of whiskey and cigarettes, Walk from the Gallows plays down-home country folk-punk that makes you want to either shake your fist or punch somebody in the face in a dark smoky bar somewhere in the middle of Mississippi.

Joseph Lazzari and fiance Kathryn Humphrey sing honest and heartfelt songs about the trials and tribulations of growing up in a big and oftentimes cruel world.

Check out Walk from the Gallows on Myspace.

Skin Jobs

other sound 2010, skin jobs

Skin Jobs is one of Atlanta’s newest bands, but these musicians are anything but newcomers to our music scene. Rick Moore and David Lane of Lay Down Mains have joined forces with Brandon Arnold, frontman from The Preakness, and drummer Mack Cole, who has played in numerous Atlanta groups.

This lineup proves to be catchier and more straight-forward than Lay Down Mains, but heavier and more high-energy than The Preakness. These guys have found a very happy medium and this will only be the group’s third show.

In fact, Skin Jobs is so brand-spanking new there’s no band page yet, but check out members’ former incarnations as Lay Down Mains on MySpace or The Preakness on MySpace.


other sound 2010, starfighter

This brand new 4-piece consists of songwriting team Justin Sias and Russell Owens from Batata Doce and Missile Command. Drummer Jody Burt (AKA RocknRoll Machine) and keyboardist Stephanie Mma add a collective new twist and the result is sci-fi spy music piped through a retro tropical paradise. Expect laser guns, spaceships, catchy hooks and smoke machines. The band makes its live debut at this year’s Other Sound Festival.

Check out band members’ former projects Batata Doce on Myspace or Missile Command on Myspace.

West End Motel

other sound 2010, west end motel

All-star hobosexuals featuring some of Atlanta’s most colorful and popular musicians. Tom Cheshire met Brent Hinds on a corner under a bridge in 1993. They were panhandling and drinking cough syrup and songs started spewing out of them. Throw Mike Shina, Stiff Penalty and Ben Thrower into the mix and you got a good time. The cast of musicians is always changing. I have seen them play with a 16 piece orchestra and I have seen them play with just Tom Cheshire tap dancing and a Chinese girl playing the tuba. Either way, it’s always a good night out. Songs of loss and laughter and maybe even a new lease on life. I can’t think of a better way to spend a fall evening. Wear something nice.

Check out West End Motel on Myspace.

Authors Apology

authors apology, other sound 2010

Authors Apology’s multi-instrumentalist Keith Bailey started by walking around Atlanta with a four-track, creating a stack of off-time demo tapes and learning-curve melodies. From there, some veteran stewards of Atlanta’s indie scene jumped on board, helping Bailey gel his demos into driven, indie-pop crowd-pleasers.

Check out Authors Apology’s website, find their music on MySpace, or follow them on Facebook.

What Happened to Your Fire, Tiger?

what happened to your fire tiger, other sound 2010

What Happened to Your Fire, Tiger’s textured silky sound is fueled by singer Hilary Yarbrough’s (Aviator) Fender Rhodes, and Bryan Slusher’s (Slushco) lush guitar lines. A thunderous current of drums by Corey Pallon (Pistolero) roils under the surface and singer Carrie Hodge (Parade) provides the stabilizing rhythmic foundation on bass. Dark lyrics and haunting female harmonies make for a moody listen. Four lead singers from four other bands makes WHTYFT a supergroup of sorts.

Check out What Happened to Your Fire, Tiger?’s music on MySpace.

Tornado Town

tornado town, other sound 2010

Late nights are never as much fun as when Tornado Town is in the house. Named after what was left of Cabbagetown and parts of 4th Ward after the recent monumental storm, these guys effortlessly wreak havoc and destruction wherever they play, and they have a real good time doing it. They just might blow the roof off the joint.

Check out Tornado Town’s music on MySpace or follow them on Facebook.

Platonic Sex

other sound 2010, platonic sex

Bradley Bailey fronts this whacky and unpredictable band. If Ween took PCP, you might begin to hear something like Platonic Sex. Not to be taken very seriously, but seriously entertaining, Platonic Sex exists way under anyone’s radar and it is a lucky break we will have them on display at OS 2010.

Check out Platonic Sex on YouTube.


omelet, other sound 2010

Omelet self-describes as “experimental, visual, healing and easy listening…mystics channeling Uncle Paul in order to actualize the true grime of eternity.” Or as DAVE FM said, “[Omelet] sounds like what would happen if Frank Zappa impregnated the members of GWAR.” Permanent band faculty are Sirius Bee, Shitty Bedford, Stoopid Boo.

Check out Omelet’s website or Omelet’s music on MySpace.


odist, other sound 2010

“Atlanta trio Odist play smooth and prog-ish indie-rock songs that dwell in shadow and nocturnal resonance.” —Creative Loafing

Described by fans as lounge-core, heavy-jazz, or just “creepy,” the three-piece band consists of bassist Jason Craig, drummer Sarah Wilson, and guitarist Parker Newell.

Check out Odist’s website or visit them on MySpace.

The Wild

the wild, other sound 2010

The Wild’s celebratory storytelling and punk-folksy delivery makes you wonder how such clean guitars could get your body shaking so hard. Led by Witt Wisebram, The Wild aspire to a sound that is defiant in the manner of Bob Dylan or Joe Strummer, creating awareness of larger issues while still keeping the music first and foremost.

Check out The Wild’s music on MySpace.

Weapons of Audio

weapons of audio, other sound 2010

Weapons of Audio, comprised of two blood brothers, create music that defies all genre classifications. Here’s a game try anyway: funky, soul, hip hop, Prince, The Kinks.

Check out Weapons of Audio’s website or follow them on Facebook.

Oryx and Crake

oryx and crake, other sound 2010

Oryx and Crake is a 9-person band from Atlanta, GA whose lyrical beauty and musical complexity contains “hints of Sparklehorse, Portishead, Wilco, and even The Mamas and The Papas” (The Moon and Pluto), but with a sound that is uniquely their own. Husband-and-wife songwriting team Ryan Peoples and Rebekah Goode-Peoples offer lyrics that are influenced by both real life stories and overly active imaginations, and music that juxtaposes sounds of the past, present and future. Oryx and Crake strives to make music that takes traditional instruments to modern, surprising places: a banjo plucking over beats created in Ableton Live; wicked electronic effects on a cello blending with a singing saw; three and four-part harmonies layering over the tiny tinging of a toy piano. Named after the speculative fiction novel by Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake brings together the diverse talents of Ryan Peoples (acoustic guitar/lead vocals/autoharp/singing saw/etc.), Rebekah Goode-Peoples (keyboard/vocals), Matt Jarrard (cello), Karyn Lu (violin), Matt Gilbert (electronic drums, home-made midi), Eric Wildes (electric guitar/vocals), Anna Wildes (banjo/vocals), Keith Huff (bass/vocals), and Chris Vanbrackle (percussion). Together, they create orchestral pop that offers “one of the most unique, spine tingling, unbelievably beautiful sounds”–Shawn Williams, 99x.

Check out Oryx and Crake’s website, visit them on MySpace, or follow them on Facebook.


mermaids, other sound 2010

Self-described as “tropical psychedelic pop” and “Christmas on the beach on mushrooms summoning the devil from the depths of the jungle on acid,” Mermaids have been perhaps more straightforwardly described by Chad Radford of Creative Loafing: “locals Mermaids play a mesh of wide-eyed harmonies channeled through a doo-wop and ’60s pop lens.”

Check out Mermaids’ music on MySpace or follow them on Facebook.

Little Tybee

little tybee, other sound 2010

“Like many good albums, Building a Bomb has a sense of a very particular time and place to it, as if it were composed, performed and recorded in one room over a weekend on top of some distant, snow-covered mountain top or, perhaps, in a ramen-littered studio apartment. Little Tybee successfully creates its own musical vernacular, something light and intangible between the way that Scott pronounces certain words, the inherent swing of the rhythm section or the brief, unexpected key changes that pop up here and there like rabbits out of their holes. Building a Bomb feels like one of the more significant discoveries of the year; be sure to buy your own individual copy and to treasure it, always.”– American Songwriter Magazine

Read more:

Check out Little Tybee’s music on MySpace or follow them on Facebook.

King Congregation

king congregation, the other sound 2010

A South American twist on Frank Zappa’s earlier moments as can only be found in the ghettos of Atlanta, King Congregation’s music can be described as a danceable and exhilarating mix of weird, grungy R&B avant-garde, lewd, greasy romance-pop and high-risk rock & soul, with a clever bent on lyrical satire and social commentary, en Chicano rap. Dynamic, barrel-like drumming styles grooving against meandering, plunky electric bass lines. Jumpy, delicious counter-melodies and breezy harmonic texture from the organ and electric piano flow with soaring Martian surf-blues guitar leads. From quick and jerky contrapuntal arrangements to heavy, thick droning dirges, boring and repeated figures, creepy I-IV-V love songs, rondo divertimentos, the canzone, all of it just steeped in some mild garage psychedelic. The multiform sound of King Congregation’s sound comes from the prodigious brain of Ben Lawless and friends.

Check out King Congregation’s music on MySpace.

Grand Prize Winners from Last Year

grand prize winners from last year, other sound 2010

Talented musicians specializing in a club-rousing mix of hip-hop, soul and rock, the self-deprecatingly named Grand Prize Winners from Last Year are anything but old news. Members K Slaughter, Believe, Platypus Jones and Whiteshoes Blue mix traditional guitar/bass/drums with toy xylophones and the occasional trumpet or trombone, shifting from new wave to rap to fist-pumping rock. Your head will bob to the beat, but the brain inside won’t know what to expect next.

Check out Grand Prize Winners from Last Year’s music on MySpace or follow them on Facebook.

Jeremy Ray & The Gonzo Orchestra

the gonzo orchestra, other sound 2010

Raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Jeremy Ray brings his bluegrass and traditional folk stylings to the big city, playing with the Gonzo Orchestra, a bunch of punk musicians who have adopted Ray’s folksy sound. Son of a rock enthusiast,  and eager to experience life in a big city and, as is the case with so many southerners, wanting to be close to his family, Atlanta was an obvious choice. Ironically, his move to the city coincided with his deepened interest in the traditional bluegrass and folk music inspired by the environment from which he was born and raised. With that style in mind, Ray formed the Gonzo Orchestra, a collective of people that grew up in punk bands that now play blues-tinged high-energy rock.

Check out Jeremy Ray & The Gonzo Orchestra’s music on MySpace.

The Falcon Lords

the falcon lords, other sound 2010

the falcon lords, other sound 2010

When the Falcon Lords are not hanging out in their lair, solving crimes and debating world issues, they are performing in super hero action suits that perfectly mimic a comic book introduction of fantastic proportions. Lord Falconhorn is often seen renegading through town, unexpectedly, sometimes without a costume. Evil-doers beware! The Falcon Lords will shut down your gangster deeds.

Check out The Falcon Lords’ website, visit them on MySpace, or follow them on Facebook.

The Charges

the charges, other sound 2010

The Charges — Mick Winters (ex-Early Modern Witch Trials), Joel Perdue (40 Hells), Casey Yarbrough (Authors Apology), Luciano Giarrano (Authors Apology), and Tommy McDowell — augment the standard bass/guitar/drums instrumentation with a fuzzed-out Farfisa organ and grainy Rhodes electric piano to deliver brash, glam-influenced punk rock sure to please fans of the Murder City Devils, The Damned, Roxy Music, Slade, and Deep Purple alike. Festival organizer Industrial Strength Promotions is releasing The Charges debut 4-song EP “Consequentialist Communiqué” in limited-edition color vinyl at their Other Sound performance at the Star Bar.

Check out The Charges on Facebook.

Buffalo Bangers

buffalo bangers, other sound 2010

“The Buffalo Bangers lean toward a more earthy and improvisational side of darkly-afflicted art rock.” — Chad Radford, Creative Loafing

Check out Buffalo Bangers’ music on MySpace or follow them on Facebook.

Book of Colors

book of colors, other sound 2010

Book of Colors’ low-fi style mixes acoustic, chamber-pop compositions with dream-soaked, introspective narratives. Ryan Gregory’s wistful, wandering violin anchors their songs, which reflect a band still forming their unique voice. American-Brazilian Andre Paraguassu and company bring a melancholic appeal that is nothing short of engaging.

Check out Book of Color’s music on MySpace.

Back Pockets

back pockets, other sound 2010

“The Back Pockets are an extremely hard band to introduce. If I had to label them, I’d say “interactive gypsy punk-folk.” They’re like the Merry Pranksters but more eclectic. They have the power to adapt to context, forming their performances in real time and pulling it off with a cheerful cheekiness that sucks the crowd into their trippy world of wide-eyed wonderment. It’s probably dangerous. ” -PERFORMER MAGAZINE

Check out The Back Pockets’ music on MySpace.

A Fight to the Death

a fight to the death, other sound 2010

A Fight to the Death describe themselves as “Avant-Western-Americana-Gypsy music built with Latin and Mediterranean rhythms, surf twang, and melodies fit for lonely midnight drives through the desert.” Those late-night drives are a cinematic trip that Jim Jarmusch could have produced, as rag-tag companions speed past the sullen plains of middle age, searching for an oasis where still waters run deep.

Check out A Fight to the Death’s website, listen to their music on MySpace, or follow them on Facebook.

Abby GoGo

abby gogo, other sound 2010

“It’s not quite appropriate to pigeonhole Abby Go Go as a shoegazer band, and the garage rock shoe doesn’t fit, either. Rather, twin brothers Bon and Jon Allinson and company traverse an expansive middle ground where ’60s pop sensibilities are tempered by elusive feelings of melancholy and elation. The grinding intonations of every guitar tone and distant voice are captured with clarity, illustrating jagged sonic textures that serve the long bouts of repetition in “Louder Than Dreams” and “Come On,” rather than dirtying them up. Each song streamlines the group’s sound without compromising how much a crest of feedback and distortion can underscore the strung-out sense of beauty evoked. “Glass” is an instant heartbreaker, with layers of slurred melody and ill-defined nostalgia that defies the murky nature of such influences as Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. There’s good variety as well, which is hard to pull off when you’re lost in the grooves of such deep cuts. (4 out of 5 stars)” -Chad Radford (Creative Loafing Atlanta)

Check out Abby GoGo’s music on MySpace or follow them on Facebook.

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