Jeremy Ray & The Gonzo Orchestra

the gonzo orchestra, other sound 2010

Raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Jeremy Ray brings his bluegrass and traditional folk stylings to the big city, playing with the Gonzo Orchestra, a bunch of punk musicians who have adopted Ray’s folksy sound. Son of a rock enthusiast,  and eager to experience life in a big city and, as is the case with so many southerners, wanting to be close to his family, Atlanta was an obvious choice. Ironically, his move to the city coincided with his deepened interest in the traditional bluegrass and folk music inspired by the environment from which he was born and raised. With that style in mind, Ray formed the Gonzo Orchestra, a collective of people that grew up in punk bands that now play blues-tinged high-energy rock.

Check out Jeremy Ray & The Gonzo Orchestra’s music on MySpace.

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